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she's so dull.
let's rip her to shreds.

la fille 15. girl. reddish brown hair. green eyes. geek. a bit introverted. mischievious. not your "typical" girl.

j'aime depressing music. the colour pink. monochromism. drawing. japanese culture & style. elijah wood. mint chocolate chip ice cream. jones soda. furi kuri. black glasses. kana. scooters. playing with fire. video games. t-shirts. high tops. staying up late. paper stars. stationery. crazy techno remixes. geeky boys <3. stuff?

je d├ęteste broken things. too much rain. no money. the word "tot". beef. riding the bus. eating ramen noodles for three days straight. grading scales. cat whiskers. the radio. teen magazines. painting in art class. "popular" culture. nosy people. being too shy to talk to the one person you want to talk to most. time limits. waking up early. geometry. artistic slumps. overtly loud people. being confused. awkward situations.

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[15 May 2004|08:42pm]
goodbye livejournal!
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